Mar.17, 2011
Second message by Bishop Seraphim and report on the state of church

Since the disaster happened, we received many letters and emails from in and out of Japan. We express our gratitude from the bottom of the heart.

Although communucation is still not enough recovered, we have been collecting information using various tools. Little by little, we found out the situation of churh and parish members.

Herewith I inform what we know on the parish and church suffered:

1. Ishinomaki parish, St. John the Theologian Church
Since the earthquake happened, we had had no contact with Fr. Vasilli Taguchi. This morning, we confirmed he and Matushka Maria are alive. The church building and priest's residence was flooded but stands firmly.
Lay leader, Petr Sasaki Ken-ichi is walking around the city and visiting members.
Komi Tsutomu, demised. Memory eternal.

2.Wakuya parish, Prophet Isiah Chapel
The church building is safe. Lay leader, Boris Yamada is alive. Still under investigation for the other members.

3.Joghe-dzutusmi parish, Holy Protection of Theotokos chapel
Lay leader, Nikon Asano kiichi and family are safe at home. The church building probably survived.

4.Sakari parish in Ofunato, Ascention Church
Church buildingis survived. The members are alive, except one family. Continuing invetigation for this family.

5.Sanuma parish and Transfiguration chapel, Takashimizu parish and Transfiguration chapel
Communication facility is not recovered. But those areas are far from the coast, probably safe.

6. Yamada parish and Holy Anunciation Chapel
Church building was destroyed and burnt out. We could contact with some members. We continue investigation.

7. Kesennuma parish and Holy Resurrection Chapel
Unknown. (Kesennuma was most seriously destroyed by tsunami.)

We continue to pray the other members be safe.

Second message by Bishop Seraphim and report on the state of church in pdf (Japanese)