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 Адрес  Yamate-cho 1-8-15,Suita-shi, 564-0073, Japan
Телефон  +81-(0)6-6388-4512
 на поесте Ханкю Линия Сенри. Со станции Тоёцу пешком 6 мин.
  Со станции Суита пешком 20 мин.
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by train

It’s about a six-minute walk from Hankyu Toyotsu station.
Get out the ticket gates and turn left.
Use the stairs to come out the station.
Pass Family Mart and go across a small bridge and turn left.
Go straight and you will see a narrow river on the left side.
At the end of the road you will come to a pedestrian crossing, go across it.
Go straight and pass the bakery (パン屋).
Take the first road on the left and you will see a handicraft shop (Yamaha ヤマハ) at the corner.
Take the ramp; you will see the main gate of the church on the left side.

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